Hugo Romeu MD

Hugo Romeu, M.D. works with the Street Medicine program at the University of Miami Medical School, providing care to the homeless community in the vicinity of the hospital. Romeu is also a volunteer with the VITAS Hospice program, which assists those without health insurance in obtaining diagnostics, prescriptions, surgeries, and other treatments.

Hugo Romeu, Ph.D., is a dedicated practitioner of transcendental meditation. Unlike bhakti yoga, transcendental meditation is a meditative discipline. Advocates, such as Dr. Romeu, think it improves physical and mental health by decreasing stress and anxiety. He instructs his patients on how to implement transcendental meditation into their regular health regimen. Dr. Romeu also practices Vaishnavism, a kind of yoga that emphasizes remaining humble and respectful.

Hugo Romeu, MD enjoys his work enormously, yet he has numerous additional interests and hobbies. He enjoys show jumping in addition to other equestrian activities in his spare time. Romeu, a loving family man, has been married to his former model wife Frances for over 36 years. They have three daughters: two from their marriage and one from a prior union.